In Serbia, five marriages per 1,000 inhabitants

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    In Serbia, five marriages per 1,000 inhabitants

    The highest number of marriages in the European Union is recorded in Lithuania, and the lowest in Slovenia, while Serbia is exactly between the two EU members, according to the data of the European Statistical Office published on February 14, when St. Valentine’s Day is celebrated around the world.

    In the EU, there are 4.3 marriages per 1,000 inhabitants on average, and a rate far higher than average is recorded in Lithuania (7.5) and Romania (7.3).

    Nearly seven marriages per 1,000 inhabitants are recorded in Latvia and Cyprus, according to Eurostat’s data referring to 2017.

    In Serbia, per 1,000 inhabitants there are 5.1 marriages, 4.9 in Croatia, 5.3 in Montenegro, 6.6 in Macedonia, 7.9 in Albania and nine in Kosovo* (the data for Kosovo refer to 2016).

    On the other hand, the lowest number of marriages in the EU, only slightly more than three per 1,000 inhabitants, is recorded in Slovenia, Italy, Luxembourg and Portugal.

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