Info leaked from the meeting: This is a NEW MEASURE in the fight against COVID-19

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    Info leaked from the meeting: This is a NEW MEASURE in the fight against COVID-19

    However, wearing protective masks indoors will not be mandatory, as the media announced during the session, instead, it is only a recommendation of the Crisis Staff as a measure to reduce the spread of the coronavirus in Serbia. As the Government of Serbia announced after the session of the Crisis Staff, from today it will be mandatory to use protective masks in transportation. The Crisis Staff for the protection of the health of the population from coronavirus held a session today to discuss the current epidemiological situation in the Republic of Serbia. As of today, the use of protective masks in city and intercity transport is mandatory, and passengers who do not wear masks will not be allowed to enter the means of transport. “It is important to note that the masks do not have to be surgical, bought in a pharmacy, but citizens can also use reusable cotton masks and the like,” it is stated in the press release. As for closed areas, the crisis headquarters recommended that all citizens should wear masks in all closed spaces, with a special emphasis on post offices, banks, public institutions as well as shops and shopping malls. The crisis staff recommended the establishment of two central covid 19 hospitals: KBC Bezanijska kosa in Belgrade and the Lung Disease Clinic in Nis. In the upcoming days, the Government of Serbia will continue to monitor the development of the epidemiological situation with great attention and it will regularly and timely inform the citizens about everything, it is added.

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