Investment worth EUR 17 MILLION: Zajecar gets STADIUM in compliance with FIFA standards

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    Investment worth EUR 17 MILLION: Zajecar gets STADIUM in compliance with FIFA standards

    The new stadium with a capacity of 8,168 seats will be located in Kraljevica, said mayor of Zajecar, Bosko Nicic, after a meeting with president of the Football Federation of Serbia, Slavisa Kokeza. The stadium will be built at a hippodrome, while the tender for the selection of the contractor will be announced by September. The stadium in Zajecar will be built in compliance with the FIFA standards, and, in addition to the stadium, eight auxiliary fields will be built. Since the city of Nis is only 100 kilometres away from Zajecar, it will be possible to play international matches there. One of the objectives of this project is to attract investors and to build a hotel, so that athletes would come to Zajecar for preparatory training sessions. “The stadium is a prerequisite for the development of sports and tourism. It is followed by hotels, and athletes will come once there is accommodation available. Some people are bothered by the fact that someone wants to build a stadium without a single penny of our investment. Should we say NO? The stadium is not a substitute for roads and streets. Since those who fund the project wanted to invest in stadiums, a stadium will be built. They have chosen towns where they will build, including Zajecar,” said Nicic. The stadium will have 8,168 seats, it will not contain an athletic track and its construction will be financed by the Government of Serbia through the Public Investment Office. The investment value is about 17 million euros. As a reminder, the FFS announced the construction of a stadium in Leskovac and Vranje as well. Furthermore, the administration of FC Vojvodina has announced that a new stadium will be built in Novi Sad.

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