JTI launches a new production line

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    JTI launches a new production line

    Japan’s biggest investor in Serbia, Japan Tobacco International, has launched a new production line in the facility in Senta.

    The plant was opened within the investment cycle worth US$7 million. The investment cycle, in addition to the investment line, also includes additional modernisation of machinery in the factory, as well as product innovation.

    President of the JTI Group, Yasutake Tango, has said that the company continues to expand its business, thus contributing to the development of the entire Serbian economy.

    Since the purchase of the tobacco producer Duvanska industrija Senta in 2006, JTI has invested more than US$180 million in Serbia. The number of employees has tripled from 84 to 290. Production was launched, as well as export to the markets of Montenegro, Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Croatia and Albania and the export of cigarettes to the EU market.

    From 2006 to date, export amounted to almost US$230 million, while the share of the company on the Serbian market in the same period tripled. JTI is one of the biggest taxpayers in Serbia, having paid two billion dollars into the budget in the period from 2006 to 2018.

    As the only foreign company that is a buyer of domestic tobacco, JTI is the biggest tobacco producer in Serbia, which hires about 1,000 employees in Belgrade and Senta, including tobacco growers and their families, as well as seasonal workers.

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