Krkobabic: At least 30 MPs should be persons with DISABILITIES

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    Krkobabic: At least 30 MPs should be persons with DISABILITIES

    Deputy Speaker of the National Parliament, Stefan Krkobabic, has stated that persons with disabilities should be more represented in the parliament and he suggested that 30 out of 250 MPs should be persons with disabilities.

    “Improving the overall social and socio-economic position of persons with disabilities is an imperative of the times in which we live,” Krkobabic said. He is also an official of the Party of United Pensioners of Serbia (PUPS).

    He adds that it is necessary to amend the electoral legislation in order to ensure the rights of persons with disabilities to be elected and equally represented at the state level, in the highest representative and legislative body, but also in local governmental bodies.

    According to the available data, persons with disabilities who could be elected to local self-government units or to the parliament make up 12 percent of the electorate.

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