Land lot of 5 ha sold, new investor arrives: "So that everyone would earn more, now it is RSD 36,000 net"

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    Land lot of 5 ha sold, new investor arrives: “So that everyone would earn more, now it is RSD 36,000 net”

    Mayor of Sabac, Nebojsa Zelenovic, has announced the arrival of a new investor in Sabac, to whom a land lot covering five and a half hectares in the Northwest Business Park was sold. “Good news for both our donors and the citizens of Sabac is that we have already sold five and a half hectares at this location to a new company that will come to our city. We are expanding the industrial park, we have new investors, they come from all over the world. The latest investor is from the UK,” said Zelenovic, according to a press release from the city administration. Zelenovic said that new opportunities were opening up for the citizens in that city so that they could work in much better conditions. “To implement our initial policy – to enable everyone earn more money. Now it is RSD 36,000 net. We will be attentive to the needs of both the employees and the employers and continue to invest, hopefully more and more with our partners from the European Union,” said the Mayor of Sabac. The paving of Nova 7 street is underway in the Northwest Business Park in Sabac, which will be completed by Friday. This is a brand new street going from the public parking lot next to the company Yazaki to the road to Drenovac, i.e. Sremska Mitrovica. The paving was preceded by the construction of a water supply and sewerage network, and the works are funded through the European Union’s “EuPro” program. The EU is funding the infrastructural equipment for the Industrial Park with EUR 710,000 through the EuPro program, and the works are being carried out at two more locations in the Park, where the water supply and sewerage network is being built – in the area of the new wholesale market and in the western transversal area across the street from the Macva Express gas station.

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