Last giant of former SFRY sold - IMR sold for half the price

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    Last giant of former SFRY sold – IMR sold for half the price

    The engine producer Industrija motora Rakovica AD (IMR) in bankruptcy has been sold for RSD 1.1 billion to a consortium comprising the City Institute of Construction and the JSC Hempro based in Belgrade. On 30 September, the Bankruptcy Supervision Agency organized the sale of IMR through the method of public bidding. The Board of Creditors decided to accept the bid on 15 October this year. The value of IMR is estimated at RSD 2.9 billion (2, 931,478, 556.72) and the accepted bid is worth RSD 1.1 billion. The estimated value of RSD 2.93 billion is related to seven plants, warehouses, storage facilities covering 75,997 square meters and other facilities. “The package” also includes the complete equipment of the factory for the production of engines, tractors and cabs, tools and supplies of production materials… IMR, a former manufacturing giant, employed more than 7,000 workers. IMR has been bankrupt since 4 April 2017.

    Izvor: Blic/Tanjug

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