Last year's mistakesworth RSD 217 billion

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    Last year’s mistakesworth RSD 217 billion

    Last year, the State Audit Institution (DRI) identified errors andirregularities in the amount of RSD 217 billion among budget users. This wasstated by President of DRI, Dusko Pejovic, at the presentation of the Report ofthat institution on last year’s work. He clarified that checks were conductedin 209 entities that use public funds. According to Pejovic, 90 percent oftotal irregularities are related to errors in filing financial statements, and10 percent to irregularities in business operation. He stated that these weremistakes in recordings, therefore, lower or higher amounts are recorded thanthe actual ones. Pejovic pointed out that in public procurements there was”deviation” worth RSD 3.14 billion, which is 12.04 percent ofirregularities. As the most serious irregularities, contracts signed withoutthe public procurement procedures are mentioned. He asked the competentinstitutions for more adequate penalization of such omissions.

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