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    LESS AND LESS HOPE for Serbian travel agencies

    The Director of the National Association of Travel Agencies of Serbia (YUTA), Aleksandar Senicic, said that there was “only a few more percents of hope” that state would find a way to help travel agencies and adopt special measures to mitigate the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic. “We are waiting for an official position from the Serbian government on Wednesday, but we have less and less hope, only a few percent, that state will find a way to help the agencies and adopt special measures, as agencies have no income for four months,” Senicic stated with Beta agency. He added that almost no country in Europe has omitted additional assistance to travel agencies, Montenegro has recently extended assistance with 70 percent of gross earnings, and the United Kingdom is gradually extending financial support to three months at a time. “We were told that the only thing they could do was offer us loans from the Development Fund, but that is not aid, as the loan is a commercial thing, no matter how low the interest rate is, and it is especially commercial when you keep in mind that it is for liquidity.” He said he hopes that the tourist season would start on July 1st, and agencies are disappointed with the state’s position, as they were late in adopting these measures.

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