Loncar explains what awaits doctors who DO NOT RECOMMEND VACCINATION

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    Loncar explains what awaits doctors who DO NOT RECOMMEND VACCINATION

    When a doctor tells a patient that he should not be vaccinated, the Medical Chamber of Serbia will initiate proceedings and report that persons for putting at risk the health and lives of people, Minister of Health, Zlatibor Loncar said.

    He noted that in this case, the doctor would have to appear before the Court of Honour of the Medical Chamber of Serbia, and that this meant that he or she would “probably lose their license”.

    “This is a decision of the profession, and all the medical doctors in Serbia are the members of the Medical Chamber of Serbia. I support this decision, it is inevitable,” Loncar told reporters in front of the University Children’s Clinic “Tirsova”.

    There are a lot of infected children and that number is growing by the minute, Loncar said, adding that currently there was no family or school in which no child was positive for covid. He said that children tolerated the infection better and had somewhat milder symptoms, but he pointed out that the younger ones were also carriers and could transmit the infection to the older ones.

    Answering the question of the reporters, the Minister said that the situation was the most critical in Belgrade, Novi Sad, Nis, Kragujevac, where, as he said, the numbers of new cases were not going down.

    The minister also said that “there is no chance whatsoever” that some covid hospitals would soon be excluded from this treatment system.

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