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Mali announces: IPO for a public company

Today, for the first time, Serbia issued 12-year RSD bonds worth RSD 7 billion, says Finance Minister Sinisa Mali, announcing that Serbia should soon get a capital market development strategy. Mali also said he agreed that one of the public companies should soon be listed on the stock market. “We need to see which public company that will be, but at the moment we can talk about it,” Mali said at a roundtable on capital market development in Serbia. Pointing out that Serbia issued 12-year RSD bonds for the first time today, he added that there were no results yet in terms of yield. “In relation to our offer of seven billion dinars, the reported demand is 73.5 billion dinars. Therefore, 10 times more,” said Mali. He recalled that 10 days ago a 20-year EUR bond worth EUR 150 million was issued, and that demand was also more than good.

Izvor: Beta/Tanjug

Foto: Beta

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