Minister on SCANDALOUS video of garbage - is this statement for real?

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    Minister on SCANDALOUS video of garbage – is this statement for real?

    “It is very important to talk about these topics and react. There should be no leniency for such cases.” This is how Minister of Environmental Protection Goran Trivan commented for Pink TV about the scandalous video of pollution of the river in Novi Pazar. He recalled the previous cases of environmental pollution, saying that each of them had been penalized, and that this one would also be a case for a misdemeanour judge. The fight against the flooding caused by the rivers in Novi Pazar was marked by a video showing an excavator operator taking a pile of plastic bottles from a river and putting them back into the water, instead of the river bank or a truck. This is just one of the examples of the situation we face in Serbia, Minister Trivan said, stressing that it was very important that this video existed, showing that the sense of the importance of such actions had been raised to the highest level. He recalled last year’s case of cutting down trees at Kosutnjak, but also the case of a woman who threw a plastic bag into the Rasina River. “This was recorded by someone, which means that there are upstanding citizens who are concerned about the environment. We immediately reacted, sent the inspection, and a misdemeanour judge did his part of the job,” said Minister Trivan.

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    Foto: Beta, Milan Obradović

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