Minister REVEALED the plan: A job for more than 120,000 people

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    Minister REVEALED the plan: A job for more than 120,000 people

    The Minister of Labour, Employment, Veteran and Social Affairs, Zoran Djordjevic says it is planned that at least 122,240 unemployed people have a job opportunity this year, as well as at least 7,400 people with disabilities. Djordjevic stated this after signing the 2020 Performance Agreement of the National Employment Service with the director of that institution, Zoran Martinovic. According to statement, Djordjevic said that RSD 3.7 billion was set aside in the financial plan for the National Employment Service for realization of active employment policy, and RSD 550 million was set aside from the budget and RSD 23.6 million through IPA program for professional rehabilitation measures and abetting employment of people with disabilities. He added that an additional RSD 150 million were allocated from the budget for professional retraining and additional education in the IT field in the year 2020. Djordjevic pointed out that special attention will be paid to unemployed people over 50 years of age, unqualified persons, women, those who wait 12 months to get a job, as well as those who need their first work experience.

    Izvor: Danas, FoNet

    Foto: Beta/Milan Obradović

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