NALED is looking for organizations with the best reform ideas

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    NALED is looking for organizations with the best reform ideas

    The National Alliance for Local Economic Development (NALED), the Secretariat for Public Policy of the Republic of Serbia (RSJP), with the support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), will organize an info day tomorrow in Belgrade on the occasion of announcing a public call for business associations and civil society organizations interested in gaining new knowledge and strengthening skills for planning and advocating for regulatory reforms through the public-private dialogue development project.

    On the premises of Impact Hub, as stated in NALED’s statement, the details of the public call will be presented, and all interested organizations will be able to submit an application to NALED in the period from 4 to 15 March.

    NALED and RSJP will select three organizations with the best ideas, identify who their interlocutors are in the public administration and among other stakeholders, include them in an intensive training program and enable them to work together to implement a concrete reform.

    At last year’s competition, the Association for Entrepreneurship Development based in Nis, Agro Cluster of Serbia and the Association of Beekeeping Organizations of Serbia (SPOS) were selected, and they nominated solutions for improving the system of flat-rate taxation, encouraging organic production and preventing the poisoning of bees.

    The public-private dialogue project is funded by USAID. Since 2001, USAID has invested more than US$774 million in encouraging economic growth, strengthening the judicial system and promoting good governance in Serbia.

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