New pensioners in Serbia to receive their pension only via account

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    New pensioners in Serbia to receive their pension only via account

    As of this year, pensioners in Serbia will receive their pensions via current accounts, Pension and Disability Insurance Fund of the Republic of Serbia has announced.

    This is in accordance with amendments of the Law on Pension and Disability Insurance and it does not include pensioners who already chose to receive pension at their home address, or via counter service of the post office, but exclusively pensioners who will receive their first pension after January 1 st .

    It is necessary for pensioners, who will start receiving pension from January 1 st , to deliver certificate of the bank in which they have their current account or power of attorney, which authorises person to receive a pension, to branch office of the Fund that is executing the realization of right, in order to receive pension via current account.

    In the event that applicant, i.e. future pensioner, fails to submit bank certificate on current account, the Fund will not pay the pension.

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