NEWS OF THE DAY: Greece CLOSES BORDERS for Serbian citizens

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    NEWS OF THE DAY: Greece CLOSES BORDERS for Serbian citizens

    Greece will close the border for Serbian citizens on Monday, Belgrade-based newspapers cited the Greek media. Greece is closing the border for Serbian citizens from 6 am on Monday morning, possibly even from midnight – this news was published by the Greek media and confirmed to us by the sources close to the Greek crisis staff. The official decision will probably be made during the day, and at the moment we only know that until further notice, due to the bad epidemiological situation in the country, our citizens will not be able to enter Greece as tourists. All those who are on vacation will be able to normally return to the country. Greece has previously announced that it will revise its decision on free entry into the country depending on the situation in the countries where tourists come from, especially after the sharp increase in the number of patients throughout Europe, the Balkans and Serbia. The situation in Belgrade is presented as a piece of information on Greek TV channels on a daily basis. Until an official announcement, we can only speculate about how long this ban will be in force, what will happen with the planned flights, which will apparently also have to be cancelled.

    Izvor: Politika, Novosti

    Foto: Pixabay

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