Nikos Zois is the new Managing Director of Heineken Serbia

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    Nikos Zois is the new Managing Director of Heineken Serbia

    Nikos Zois was appointed the new Managing Director of the company Heineken Serbia and he took over that position on April 1st. With his clear vision and strategy, Zois will lead the Heineken team in Serbia, establishing strong business standards through even stronger financial results, the company announced.

    “With the help of talented, committed and valuable employees in the company Heineken Serbia, our ambition is to be even more innovative, to maintain top quality and preserve a winning portfolio, with continuous development and progress in the segment of corporate social responsibility,” Zois said regarding his appointment to the new position.

    The new managing director of the company Heineken Serbia has a rich commercial experience in beer industry, which he has earned for more than 25 years in Heineken. As Sales Director in the company Athenian Brewery, Zois contributed to the overall sustainable growth of all business parameters, with a stable financial result. The company Heineken Bulgaria, managed by Zois since 2016, was evaluated by consumers and stakeholder as the “greenest” and socially most responsible company within a highly changeable consumer goods sector, for three years in a row. Besides that, he introduced numerous initiatives to improve the company’s climate and to position Heineken Bulgaria as a desired employer.

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    Foto: Heineken Srbija

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