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“No one in Serbia died because there were no ventilators, that is a shameless lie”

Prime Minister of Serbia, Ana Brnabic, has said that “monstrous accusations and lies were publicized through a foreign agency that one person in Serbia passed away because there were not enough ventilators”. “I want to make it quite clear for the citizens of Serbia once again that during the entire fight against the coronavirus, there is no person who did not receive the support of a ventilator if he or she needed it, when it was necessary. No one in Serbia passed away because there was no ventilator or while waiting for a ventilator,” Brnabic said. She pointed out that we had enough ventilators, even more than what we needed at any given time. “What is being publicized is a shameless, terrible lie,” Brnabic said. She pointed out that at the time when Ljubisa Djuric was in the Clinical Hospital Centre Zemun, that hospital had 35 ventilators. “The man was on a non-invasive ventilator,” the prime minister said. When asked directly what was not true in the report available to the public, which states that there is no room in the mechanical ventilation centre, Minister of Health, Zlatibor Loncar, asked why someone would not be placed on a ventilator if there were 34 available ventilators. “You do not understand the documents and that is fine because you are not from the medical profession, it is hard for us to get into that discussion now. He was at a safer level in the intensive care unit,” Loncar said. Director of the Clinical Hospital Centre Zemun, Dragos Stojanovic, has said that the institution has 73 ventilators and they are deployed in the mechanical ventilation centre but also in intensive care units, and a board of physicians decides where a patient will be placed according to the severity of symptoms. “At the time in question, there were 30 patients in the mechanical ventilation centre, and the said patient was left in the intensive care unit according to a doctor’s decision, and his parameters improved, and that situation continued over the next four days. During the evening, he suddenly lost consciousness, he experienced cardiac and respiratory arrest, which could not be remedied, and the patient suddenly died,” he said. AFP reported that there was no available ventilator for the father of Petar Djuric, who died of covid-19 in Zemun hospital on April 12, 2020.

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