Novi Sad-based IT company bought land for EUR 7.7 million

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    Novi Sad-based IT company bought land for EUR 7.7 million

    A land lot covering almost 6,500 square meters at the address 32 Radnicka Street in Novi Sad was sold for more than EUR 7.7 million to the Novi Sad-based IT company 3Lateral. In the Development Land and Investment Administration, where an auction was held, the only bidders were the representatives of this IT company who bought the land lot for the starting price of RSD 933,039,225 (slightly more than 7.7 million euros). After the sale, they did not want to talk to reporters, nor did they introduce themselves, saying that they would inform the public later about this purchase and the plans related to the land lot without specifying when exactly that would happen. On the other hand, as it is well known that 3Leteral was bought by the US company Epic Games last year, it is clear that the announcement by the city authorities and mayor of Novi Sad Milos Vucevic – that that company would buy a land lot in Radnicka Street and invest 20 million euros – had been confirmed. According to the recently adopted zoning plan, the construction of seven-storey buildings and a ten-storey building is planned on the sold land lot, which will be a general city center, which means that these buildings will contain commercial premises and apartments.

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