Officially: Ladjevci is no longer just a military airport

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    Officially: Ladjevci is no longer just a military airport

    The civilian-military airport Ladjevci near Kraljevo has been officially handed over to the company Aerodromi Srbije (Airports of Serbia). According to the announcements of the authorities in Serbia, the first planes will take off from the third international airport in Serbia on 28 June.

    Upon the handover of the airport, works on the expansion of the runway and the equipping of the airport facilities can start. EUR 8.5 million will be invested in this business deal.

    Minister of Transport Zorana Mihajlovic expects Ladjevci to be at least the same, if not even a better airport than the one in Nis.

    “We expect everything to be ready for the airport to be operational by 28 June, for Boeing 737 airplanes to be able to take off and land and in the upcoming period we will also deal with the development of the cargo centre,” said Zorana Mihajlovic.

    It took eight years to convert the military airport into a civilian. Defence Minister Aleksandar Vulin explained that “Morava” would have a system for landing in difficult conditions even for the largest and most demanding airplanes.

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