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Owing to this INVENTION of Serbian high school students, people with disabilities will operate objects with SIGHT

The idea, which sounds like a science-fiction movie script, was put into practice by high school students from Novi Sad, who qualified for the finals of the world VR app competition to be held in China in November. At the recently finished SHack, the international programming competition held in Novi Sad, the winning title went to the local team “Team 3” consisting of Natasa Cvijanovic (16), Lazar Varagic (16) and Petar Bojanic (17). They have created a VR application that allows people with severe disabilities (quadriplegics) to operate machines and home appliances exclusively by sight. “We have created an app that can help people with disabilities. Owing to the new technologies based on eye movement tracking, new opportunities are created. This opens up the possibility for people who cannot use home appliances now to do so with the help of augmented reality, because everything is networked into a ‘smart home’, so they will be able to use electronic devices, close and open window shutters (if they are motorized), open windows, lock doors. Therefore, this is a mixture of virtual and altered reality,” the leader of Team 3 Petar Bojanic told Natasa, who stepped into the world of programming before she started going to high school, explains that the app is intended for “smart homes”, i.e. households that already have appliances capable of executing a user-selected command.

Izvor: BIZLife

Foto: Pixabay

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