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    “Payment of MINIMUM WAGE commenced, 7,000 more EMPLOYEES than before the coronavirus crisis”

    The Minister of Finance, Sinisa Mali stated that payment of the second part of the minimum wage, in total of 31 billion dinars, to the accounts of 235,000 enterprises and economic entities that employ 1,050,000 workers, has commenced today at 7 o’clock. Mali stated with RTS that this is the second minimum wage that is paid within the large package of economic measures, and added that yet another minimum wage will be paid at the beginning of July. The Minister of Finance pointed out that in Serbia, according to data of the Tax Administration and the Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia, from the end of February until May 15th the number of employees increased by approximately 7,000. Mali said that, according to official data, the total number of employees in Serbia, for whom taxes and contributions on salaries are paid, was 2,196,372 on May 15th, which is 6,988 more than on February 27th, two or three weeks before the curfew and coronavirus epidemic. He announced new measures aimed towards an additional employment in the next few days.

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