PERMANENT jobs for 455 caregivers and 127 healthcare workers

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    PERMANENT jobs for 455 caregivers and 127 healthcare workers

    The Government of Serbia has given its consent for the permanent employment of 455 caregivers and 127 healthcare workers in social welfare institutions. The Government’s press release says that those caregivers and healthcare workers were hired during the state of emergency based on the contracts for temporary and occasional jobs in these institutions. “Caregivers and healthcare workers have shown high professionalism and dedication in caring for and treating patients during the epidemiological situation caused by the infectious disease COVID-19, and their engagement is necessary even after the lifting of the state of emergency, in order to prevent and eliminate the consequences of this contagious disease,” explained the Government of Serbia. A regulatory framework has also been adopted providing additional support to the areas of tourism, hospitality and passenger transportation due to difficult economic conditions caused by the coronavirus pandemic. “Business entities from the above-mentioned areas will be able to obtain loans from the Development Fund for current liquidity and working capital under the changed conditions, which include a repayment period of up to five years, including a grace period of up to two years, the total loan duration is up to 24 months of the grace period and up to 36 months of repayment, an interest rate of 1 percent per year,” it is added in a press release.

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