Photo of SAVA SQUARE causes avalanche of comments: "Belgrade used to have a soul"

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    Photo of SAVA SQUARE causes avalanche of comments: “Belgrade used to have a soul”

    The photo of the reconstruction of Sava Square in Belgrade, which was recently posted by Deputy Mayor Goran Vesic on Instagram, caused great controversy on social networks and conflicting opinions.

    Namely, if you have recently passed by Sava Square, you must have noticed that the works are in full swing, although the reconstruction should have been finished in mid-autumn.

    The works on Sava Square in Belgrade began in mid-August last year, and according to the latest information, they will be finished at the end of January 2021.


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    On the one hand, as the dominant standpoint, people commented on the lack of harmony in everything done in this part of the city, which made the beautiful, huge building of the railway station look as if it did not belong there.

    As they state and as it can be deduced from the photo, the megalomaniac monument to Stefan Nemanja and the train station building do not belong together in the same frame.

    On the other hand, some people believe that the square will look nice when the works are finished, while some believe that the appearance of Sava Square has never been praiseworthy and that it was in dire need of reconstruction, but that there was probably a better solution.

    Do you like the way Sava Square was reconstructed?

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    Foto: Instagram/SCRN, Goran Vesić

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