Price of food increased by four percent in one year

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    Price of food increased by four percent in one year

    According to data of the Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia, vegetables in Serbia are 33.7 percent more expensive than a year ago, while fruits are cheaper.

    According to most recently published results on fluctuation of consumer prices, vegetables were much more expensive in February that in the same month last year, while at the same time price of fruit decreased by around 12 percent.

    Price of food increased by around four percent in last year, price of meat, bread, water, non-alcoholic beverages is slightly higher, while price of cooking oil, sugar, fish and coffee decreased.

    According to agro-economic analyst Milan Prostran, there are several reasons for increase in price of vegetables. One part refers to changes in habits when it comes to consumption of fresh fruit during winter, and the other is simply low offer.

    The season of old potato and onion is at the end, and now you have a vacuum until fresh vegetables appear. Besides, last season there was less sowing of vegetables, primarily onion and potatoes, Prostran points out.

    As he says, price increase could also be explained by the fact that citizens’ habits have changed considerably. At this time we used to eat pickles and sour cabbage. Now you have a rich offer throughout the entire winter – broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini, etc.

    This was not consumed during winter before, and now you have imported zucchini, RSD220 for kilogram, thus one who wants can pay for it, Prostran points out.

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