Rain every day until Wednesday - SWIMMING POOL to be opened in Nis

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    Rain every day until Wednesday – SWIMMING POOL to be opened in Nis

    Although the weather conditions are unstable and according to the forecast of the Republic Hydrometeorological Service daily rain is expected in Nis during the next five days, the Cair Sports Centre is trying to “attract” summer, since the summer season will be opened at Cair outdoor swimming pools on Friday, May 31. Weather forecasts are not favourable for potential bathers, since, according to the data of the Republic Hydrometeorological Service, the highest temperature tomorrow is expected to reach 18 degrees, and during the weekend 22 degrees, the Juzne vesti portal reports. “We hope that the weather will be nice, but we cannot influence it,” says Dragan Peric, Director of the Cair Sports Centre. The indoor swimming pools will be opened, according to the Cair Sports Centre, only in case of bad weather conditions.

    Izvor: Južne vesti

    Foto: Pexels

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