"Reconstruction" of education: One shift PLUS four classes for various activities

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    “Reconstruction” of education: One shift PLUS four classes for various activities

    Minister of Education Mladen Sarcevic has announced that a pilot project will begin as of 1 September in 240 primary schools in Serbia, within which students will only attend classes in one shift. After the end of the shift, students will remain in school for additional four hours, during which they will be able to engage in sports, do homework, learn foreign languages or develop an entrepreneurial spirit, the minister explains. Pointing out that the idea is to offer students well-designed activities after regular classes, the minister said that the new strategy was planned to be introduced into all schools in Serbia by 2030, first in primary and later in secondary schools. “Children will benefit most, as they will study at school under the supervision of their teachers, they will do more sport, and attention will also be paid to their meals. Students will have about 50 different activities, which will reduce violence in schools, and they will be safer. Additionally, students will also have more IT classes,” Sarcevic told the Kurir daily. He added that teachers would also get jobs, since, due to the decline in birth rate and shutting down of schools, they are losing jobs.

    Izvor: Kurir

    Foto: Pixabay

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