Restaurant ownerslaunch initiative: They request statutory 10% TIPS

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    Restaurant ownerslaunch initiative: They request statutory 10% TIPS

    The businessassociation of hotel and restaurant industry – HORES has proposed  the statutoryregulation of the issue of tips and their limitation to  10 percent of the billand registration in cash registers. This initiative wassubmitted to the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications, Tanjug reports as cited by Nova ekonomija. As the associationstates, the benefit of legal regulation of tips would beenjoyed by everyone – guests, staff, entrepreneurs and the state. Director of HORES,Georgi Genov, has told Tanjug that the problem of taxation of tips hasalready been burdening the business operation of hotel and restaurateurowners in Serbia for a long time. He says that now, ifthe Tax Inspectorate finds surplus with the employees compared to the amountof cash in a cash register, it files misdemeanourcomplaints against employers for which high penalties are prescribed, ranging up to twomillion dinars for legal entities and up to 500,000 dinars for entrepreneurs. Inaddition, a measure of a temporary ban is imposed against performingactivities for at least 15 days. HORES says that thereis no way for a tip to be paid by credit card with a bill forrestaurant services, which makes guests give the money incash, which again creates problems. As they note, thelegal regulation of tips would enable hotel and restaurant owners to record tips in cash orby a payment card in their business books and to pay tax onthem and then distributethis money among the employees.

    Izvor: Nova ekonomija

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