ROAMING considerably CHEAPER, and that's just the beginning

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    ROAMING considerably CHEAPER, and that’s just the beginning

    As of today, the prices of roaming in the region will be cheaper, based on the Agreement signed in Belgrade in April by the relevant ministers of Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Albania and Kosovo. Internet in roaming is cheaper by 90 percent. The agreement also brings benefits in terms of significant additional price reductions, as well as territorial extension of the application of the agreement. By 31 December, for all our users, the price of a minute of an outgoing call was reduced from (average) RSD 28 to about RSD 11. The price of a text message was reduced from about nine to about four dinars. Data transfer per megabyte was reduced from about RSD 30 to about RSD 4 (90 percent). Connection establishment will not be charged for roaming calls, and no additional fees will be charged for incoming messages and voicemail messages in SMS roaming. Outgoing calls will be charged per second, but operators may apply an initial minimum billing period that cannot be longer than 30 seconds. This is the first phase of lowering roaming prices. The second phase starts from 1 January next year. As of that time, the method of calculating roaming charges will change, so all users will pay roaming charges according to the principle that represents the sum of the domestic price (currently paid in domestic traffic) plus a roaming fee. This will lead to an additional reduction in roaming charges for most users. As of 1 July 2020, an additional reduction in roaming rates for incoming calls and data transfer for all users will apply. The agreement implies the complete abolition of the payment of roaming services as of 2021.

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