RSD15 billion for subsidizing new jobs

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    RSD15 billion for subsidizing new jobs

    This year’s budget plans RSD15 billion for subsidies for new jobs, which is around RSD2.5 billion more when compared to last year and the biggest amount in the last twelve years, since they have been patented.

    However, a swerve has been made and in the future this type of incentive will be granted primarily for employment of workers in plants, and partially for the sector of information-communication technologies, the “Politika” daily reports.

    Unlike last year, when international trade and hotel accommodation services were subsidized along with the production sector, this year there is none of that. As the Ministry of Economy stated with the “Politika” daily, these regulations are separated, a new ones will be adopted for the food industry.

    The Regulation on Determining Criteria for Granting Incentives for the Purpose of Attracting Direct Investments, which Serbian government adopted at the end of last week, stipulates that, in addition to opening new jobs in production, incentives may also be granted for services provides by service centres and support to business operations.

    As explained, those are services that are offered via information-communication technologies, mainly to users outside the territory of the Republic of Serbia. In order to receive incentive, the minimum value of an investment should be EUR150,000 and at least 15 new employees should receive permanent placement in the company.

    In regards to the level of incentives for the production sector, nothing has changed when compared to 2018 and the range is from EUR3,000 per job in the most developed regions to EUR7,000 per new employee for investors in devastated areas.

    Izvor: Politika

    Foto: Pixabay

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