Savings for the economy, less paperwork for postpartum women

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    Savings for the economy, less paperwork for postpartum women

    The Law on Financial Support for Families with Children, which came into force on July 1st, abolished 86 documents that postpartum women had to obtain so far, thus this can achieve annual savings in our economy of RSD690 million.

    As NALED reports, analysis carried out by the Association of Owners of Accounting Agencies found out that out of 86 papers of various photocopies and originals as many as 80 were completely unnecessary.

    Administrative expense of this procedure for the economy, together with the procedure for pregnant women exercising the right for compensation, was estimated at more than RSD690 million per year back in 2012, and that money could have been used for opening of at least 1,200 jobs each year.

    “The Law on Financial Support for Families with Children came into force on July 1st and brought an important financial incentive to improvement of birth rate, by increasing allowance for the third and fourth child, and it also solved one of the most common and most complicated administrative procedures – gathering documentation for exercising the right for maternity allowance,” NALED reports.

    According to new, automated procedure, postpartum women only need to deliver medical certificates, employer’s decision on maternity leave and a copy of the current account. Other information about the postpartum woman will be provided by the local self-government via Central Registry of Compulsory Social Insurance (CRCSI) and it will also determine the basis for salary compensation.

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