Secondary education to be COMPULSORY in Serbia

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    Secondary education to be COMPULSORY in Serbia

    Secondary education will be compulsory in Serbia, according to the Draft Education Strategy 2030, says Education Minister Mladen Sarcevic. The Education Minister explained that the introduction of compulsory secondary education requires amending the Constitution, which, as he says, will only formalize what is already happening in practice. He notes that the number of students enrolling secondary schools after primary schools has increased significantly. Only three and a half years ago, he says, 85 percent of primary school graduates got enrolled in secondary schools, while today 95 percent of them get enrolled. The minister points out that two-year secondary education, comprising about forty occupations, including forklift operator and food server, shows great potential. These professions, he said, can be interesting to those who do not wish to continue their education. He recalls that primary education, which is compulsory under the Constitution, today encompasses 99.8 percent of children, compulsory preschool program includes 98.6 of children, while the enrollment of children in secondary education is 95 percent. Serbia is a signatory to the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda, which provides for free and compulsory primary and secondary education.

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