Serbia among TOP 50 countries in terms of medicinal product and vaccine QUALITY

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    Serbia among TOP 50 countries in terms of medicinal product and vaccine QUALITY

    In the latest report of the World Health Organization it is stated that their multi-year check has confirmed that Serbia is ranked among top 50 countries in terms of the safety, quality and all necessary regulations in the field of medicinal products and vaccines. 195 countries were assessed, and the conclusion is that Serbia applies and adheres to all the necessary procedures so that high quality and safe medicinal products and vaccines would be available to citizens. For the first time, Serbia participated in this assessment and it is the only country in the region that got good rating. No country got the grade five, several countries got the grade four, while Serbia got the grade three. All the other countries got grades two and one. Director of the Medicine and Medical Device Agency of Serbia, Sasa Jacovic, says that the citizens of Serbia should be absolutely carefree when it comes to the quality of medicines and vaccines that are available on the Serbian market, because everything is controlled in the best possible manner. He said that Serbia observed national laws and that everything was being checked, in terms of documentation and in laboratories, to make sure that citizens used only effective, high-quality and safe medicinal products and vaccines. The Medicine Agency is constantly in contact with the worldwide database of adverse drug reactions in Sweden, where all the regulatory agencies from around the world are connected, Jacovic said.

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