Serbia introducing "pay as much as you pollute" model

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    Serbia introducing “pay as much as you pollute” model

    The Serbian government has adopted a regulation on the criteria for determining activities that affect the environment according to the amount of pollution, which for the first time promotes “pay as much as you pollute” model in Serbia, and fee is calculated based on the actual amount of pollutants emitted, not as a percentage of realized revenues.

    The regulation was adopted on the initiative of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce and companies in the industry sector, and as announced by the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, it is estimated that savings for the economy will be around RSD2 billion on an annual level.

    “This regulation is useful for companies, as well as for citizens and the community. It introduces the most important principles for business activities of companies, predictability, waste reduction, care for the local community.”

    Everybody profits from the regulation in question, as money will be centralized and used for the quality of life in the local community. Companies and future investors will be able to accurately calculate the financial commitment and invest more in green technologies, Head of the Circular Economy Department at the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, Sinisa Mitrovic said.

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