Serbia is a great training ground for business - errors cost less here

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    Serbia is a great training ground for business – errors cost less here

    He arrived at the age of 15 from Chicago, graduated from high school and faculty in Belgrade and then decided to become a caterer with his brother, make his own brand and try out private business in Serbia. In the land of burgers he decided to make American burgers and succeeded. Stefan Lazar Lazarevic is the owner of the company “Burger House” and has restaurants at two locations in the capital city. He does not care much about the often chaotic system in which he does business, because he thinks Serbia is an excellent training ground for business. He is gaining valuable experience, investments are lower than ones in Western world thus errors that he pays are cheaper as well. A rather unusual view for our circumstances but reality confirms such an opinion.

    Stefan says that problems they have encountered in the beginning were mostly related to the fact that young people are not encouraged here to launch their own business. No one took them seriously in the beginning.

    He has several plans for the future but, besides launching his own production of sauces and mayonnaise, key ones are linked to business expansion to countries of the EU or the US.

    However, even with all disadvantages of doing business in Serbia, Stefan says that our country is good for launching a business.


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