Serbia Private Label Association founded

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    Serbia Private Label Association founded

    The Serbia Private Label Association held a founding assembly, and talks via panel discussion involved potentials, significance and perspectives of private brand development in Serbia. The founding assembly was attended by food manufacturers in Serbia, representatives of retail chains, distributors and the Serbian Chamber of Commerce (SCC). The Secretary of Trade at the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, Zarko Malinovic said that the private label provides consumers a confirmation of quality and safety of the product. “Through a private brand traders can apply innovations and respond to consumers’ needs faster than A-category brands,” Malinovic said. One of the founders of the Serbia Private Label Association, Milivoje Jovanovic, stated that an increase in the purchase of private brands has been noticeable with the arrival of retail chains in Serbia, as consumers want more innovative products and a wider range at their disposal. “That is why we have founded this association, providing an opportunity to connect domestic producers and retail chains, thus increasing sales and exports of domestic products,” Jovanovic pointed out.

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    Foto: Pixabay

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