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Serbia THIRD IN THE REGION in terms of coronavirus mortality

North Macedonia is at the top of the region in terms of the number of deaths from coronavirus, followed by Montenegro and Serbia. The latest data show that the death rate from COVID-19 in North Macedonia is 3.8 per million inhabitants. The closest to this black score in the region is Montenegro, where 3.17 people per million inhabitants died, while Serbia is ranked third with a mortality rate of 1.26 per million inhabitants. Moldova and Bosnia and Herzegovina follow with one death outcome per million inhabitants, SitelTV reported. North Macedonia is among top ten countries in Europe and it is by far the first in the region since the beginning of the pandemic with 203 registered victims per million inhabitants. Belgium is at the top of the list with 845 deaths per million inhabitants, followed by Great Britain, Spain, Italy, Sweden with a mortality rate between 500 and 600 per million inhabitants. According to these results, BiH is closest to North Macedonia, having three times fewer deaths per million inhabitants – 76. It is followed by Serbia and Slovenia with 54 victims each, Bulgaria with 43 and Albania with 39. Croatia and Greece are at the bottom of the list, with 29 and 19 victims per million inhabitants, respectively.

Izvor: 021, FoNet

Foto: BIZLife

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