State funds "routes of public importance" from Nis airport

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    State funds “routes of public importance” from Nis airport

    The Serbian government has secured funds for first airline routes of public importance from Nis based airport “Konstantin Veliki”, juridical ministry has announced.

    “The Government should adopt a regulation on Thursday that will define regions that will have the right to use those routes to European cities,” Assistant Minister of Construction, Transportation and Infrastructure Zoran Ilic has said to journalists in Nis.

    He has announced that a public competition will soon be announced for carriers that will fly on routes of public importance, thus enabling additional linkage of Nis and ten European destinations.

    Since the takeover of the Nis airport, the Government has invested RSD256 million in it, Ilic has said, announcing construction of a new airport tower valued at EUR5.5 million, which completion is planned for December 2021.

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    Foto: Konstantin Veliki

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