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STATEMENT OF THE DAY: This is a true ambassador of Serbia!

Zorica Pantic is the first female engineer leading a technical faculty in the United States, the Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston. She graduated from the Faculty of Electronic Engineering in Nis, and she says for the “Voice of America” (VOA) that she succeeded in the U.S. because she had good education in Serbia. When asked whether she sees herself as part of the “brain drain” or her country’s ambassador, she replies: “I think it is the combination of both. I also saw myself as ambassador of my country, because when I came to the U.S. on a scholarship for postdoctoral research I felt I was representing my country, and I must show myself and work hard, thus in a way – yes, I am also the ambassador of my country.”

Izvor: Glas Amerike

Foto: Screenshot/VOA

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