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Stefanovic: An ILLEGAL FACILITY on Kopaonik will be DEMOLISHED to its last brick

Shifting responsibility between the two ministries, i.e. construction and interior, has been ongoing exactly one year, for not demolishing a thousand-square-feet illegal facility at the top of Kopaonik, but today the Minister of Interior Nebojsa Stefanovic has promised that this will be done no later than the end of the year. “It is undeniable that the facility is illegal and what I can tell you is that this facility will be demolished to its last brick. Not a single piece will remain. The rule of law will be demonstrated,” Stefanovic has said and N1 reports. He has said that all procedures will be followed, in order to avoid “any possibility of appeals and further formal judicial delays in the proceedings, otherwise we would be exposed to proceedings that might have consequences for the Republic of Serbia as well.” “I believe, and I would not like to limit myself by saying now it will be in two months, and if it does not happen you will then say… Let’s say by the end of the year, but I think it will be much sooner, to its last brick, until the last roof tile that facility will be demolished and removed from that location,” Stefanovic has said.

Izvor: N1

Foto: Youtube/Al Jazeera

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