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    Students back to school? Perhaps in early June

    Education Minister Mladen Sarcevic has said it is possible for students in Serbia to return to school in June. “It could be at the beginning of June. We have everything ready to be finalized by the end of June,” he told Prva TV. Sarcevic noted that he was concerned about more than 100,000 teachers who would be at risk when classes began. “I am not willing to make it happen quickly, the school year runs until 31 August. Everyone deserves some kind of break, I think we have enough time, we have entire May. In May, we are organizing distance learning,” he said. Talking about the novelties in distance learning, the minister said that since 25 March, the Ministry of Education had received UNICEF grant proposal and they were seeking distance learning software. “Now the new software allows a teacher to sit at his/her home and have the camera cover everything that would be seen in the classroom. We do not expose people to risk, and instead of seven recording booths, we have 70,” he said.

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