The 16th Belgrade Dance Festival has been opened

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    The 16th Belgrade Dance Festival has been opened

    The sixteenth Belgrade Dance Festival, under the slogan “Emotions”, has been opened last night in “Sava Centar”, with performance of the famous Netherlands Dance Theatre (NDT), which performed pieces “The Hague Sad Case”, “Subtle Dust” and “We Exchange Dark Words”.

    This year’s festival will last until April 12th and audience in Belgrade, Novi Sad and Vrsac will have the opportunity to enjoy performances of 16 troops from 11 countries, which will perform 19 choreographic pieces, as well as 25 solos and duets. The official opening of the festival was preceded by the play “Fractus V” by the Belgian troop “Eastman”.

    “The slogan “Emotion” reminds of the essence of dance, because emotions are best being expressed through dance. We want our numerous visitors to turn themselves to the most beautiful feelings that make us human during performance of these prestigious dance troops. Our audience traditionally comes with great expectations, and I have no doubt that this time they will be fulfilled thanks to the rich program, coloured by emotions,” Director of Belgrade Dance Festival, Aja Jung has said.

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