The first flight from the Morava airport during this winter

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    The first flight from the Morava airport during this winter

    The management of military-commercial airport Morava is currently negotiating with several airlines about commencement of regular flights, starting from this winter, EX YU Aviation reports. General Manager of the enterprise “Aerodromi Srbije”, Mihajlo Zdravkovic has said that they have already talked with several airlines, and there is interest in that airport. “This is also shown by the fact that we have rented a business space at the airport. We can expect that the first commercial flights from the Morava airport will commence at the beginning of winter season, i.e. at the end of October,” Zdravkovic has said. He says that airport’s capacity is around one million passengers, and he thinks that the airport could receive planned 20,000 passengers this year, as pointed out earlier this year by the Minister of Transport Zorana Mihajlovic. “It is not unrealistic for the airport to receive 20,000 passengers this year if flights begin this winter. Certain airlines have promised to launch flights, however, until commercial agreement is signed we cannot say with certainty whether job will be concluded,” Zdravkovic says. He adds that each aircraft with a capacity of sixty to eighty passengers can land at the Morava Airport.

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