The Germans have written off debt of 18.5 million euros

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    The Germans have written off debt of 18.5 million euros

    In December, Germany signed off Serbia’s debt of 18.5 million euros because of good performance and economic results, the Ministry of Finance said in a press release.

    The debt was incurred within the Paris Club of Creditors.

    Finance Minister Sinisa Mali met with German Ambassador to Serbia Thomas Schieb and noted on that occasion that Serbia’s cooperation with Germany was also significant due to excellent economic ties.

    “In our country, there are four hundred companies from Germany, which employ about 50,000 people. It is crucial for investors to operate in a stable country, and Serbia has implemented numerous reforms whose economic effects are now visible. Serbia is doing everything to become more attractive for investments, in order to create an even more favourable business climate and have even more investors. All this leads to an excellent result – the foreign trade with Germany is steadily rising,” the minister said.

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