They planted fruit for export to RUSSIA, and now nobody wants it

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    They planted fruit for export to RUSSIA, and now nobody wants it

    In villages around Kraljevo, namely Bukovica, Dedevci and Lazac, which are famous for fruit-growing, the producers have been selling large quantities of fruit below price or throwing it away in the last two years. They say that fruit buyout from Russia, due to which in previous decade many young people stayed in the village, raised perennial plantations and cold-storage facilities, is almost non-existent. Dejan Rakic and his family stayed in his native Lazac and he has been cultivating fruit across six hectares. He commenced construction of the cold-storage facility, and last year he planted 4.000 apple trees. However, he says that this is a waste of money, as he needs to sell almost two kilograms of nectarine in order to pay the crate. “The year before last one was good, we are still living from it and we have been compensating the last two in order to survive. If Russia is not an option, then another marked must be found. Us, farmers, we can produce, but state it the one to secure us a sale. At least I hope that this is the case,” Dejan Rakic, fruit producer from Lazac near Kraljevo says. Bojan Colovic also returned from the town to Dedevci, where he is raising three daughters. Up until two years ago, he made a decent living by selling sour cherries and apples to Russians, which he has been cultivating across six hectares. “It would have been better for me to work any type of job in the town, as they live much better than us in the countryside, the farmers. We practically threw away sour cherry and we do not know what we will do apple,” says Colovic

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