This is how new holiday was celebrated - Serbian Unity Day (VIDEO)

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    This is how new holiday was celebrated – Serbian Unity Day (VIDEO)

    For the first time, Serbia and Republika Srpska marked a joint holiday – the Day of Serbian Unity, Freedom and National Flag. The central event was held at Sava Square in Belgrade, near the monument to Stefan Nemanja.

    The governments of Serbia and RS decided that the holiday would be celebrated on September 15, marking the breakthrough of the Thessaloniki Front in 1918, during the First World War.

    The officials of Serbia and Republika Srpska have previously called on members of the Serbian nation, wherever they may live, to display the national flag, the “tricolour”, on their homes.

    The central ceremony at the monument to Stefan Nemanja was attended by the entire state leadership of Serbia and Republika Srpska, as well as several thousand citizens.

    The celebration was preceded by a parade through the central city streets, and during the festivities, Nemanjina Street was completely closed.

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