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    Toll collection through GRDELICA started, here is the cost to GREECE

    On the newly opened section of the highway through the Grdelica Gorge, road toll started being collected this weekend, although it was originally announced that the payment would not be introduced before 1 July. On the route from Belgrade to the Macedonian border, drivers paid road toll three times: at Nis (800), Doljevac – before Leskovac (210) and as of December 2016 at Presevo (80,00) – a total of RSD 1,090. So far, the total toll from Belgrade to Presevo amounted to RSD 1,090, but now the calculation system is different and the route is divided into two sections: the road to Nis is one section, and the other section is the road through the Grdelica Gorge. Now the first part of the road toll is calculated from Belgrade to Nis and it amounts to RSD 800 for cars. The second part of the toll is charged from Doljevac to Presevo and it amounts to RSD 540 for cars. According to this calculation, drivers will pay RSD 250 more for the road toll in one direction. The Putevi Srbije company stresses: the entry point is the one from which you start your journey, but the exit toll booth is always Nis. Tourists traveling with their cars to Greece from Subotica will pay a total of RSD 1,900 for the toll: to Belgrade RSD 560, then from Belgrade to Nis RSD 800 and RSD 540 through the Grdelica Gorge. It should be kept in mind that these prices will be valid for the next two weeks, because road toll will rise in price by 12% as of 1 July. It has not been specified whether this price increase will apply to the prices already applied on the section from Doljevec to Presevo.


    Foto: Putevi Srbije

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