The archaeological discovery on the Square is the Wurttemberg Gate and now it will be “adequately buried”


Foto: Beoinfo

The Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments of the City of Belgrade has announced that the data analysis during archaeological excavation of remains from the Republic Square showed that this is the Wurttemberg Gate, constructed back in 1725 and demolished in the winter of 1739/40.

The Institute has stated that remains of the gate will be “adequately conserved and buried.”

„Discovered remains of this gate, based on their dimensions and size, fully correspond to foundations of the famous baroque gates of this time, above all the Baroque Gate at the Belgrade Fortress built in the same period,“ the statement said.

Institute’s Commission for the Proposal of an Opinion on Presentation of Remains of the Gate on the Republic Square, consisting of representatives of city and republic institutions, has proposed that all works on the Square continue based on the “existing concept of authors’ team,” and that remains of the gate are presented with “different type of flagging.”

„All archaeological remains are being conserved and buried in an adequate manner, and it is necessary to carry out the second phase of the archaeological research in the zone of ​​existing roadway, in order to look at the discovered remains as a whole and reach a decision on presentation of the entire space,“ the Institute stated.

It is added that it is necessary to allocate the entire planned installation in the zone of archaeological research.

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Foto: Beoinfo