The best bakers of Serbia prepared a heart-shaped bread and pastry for children from the Centre in Zvecanska


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The winners of this year’s baking competition Pekarijada, officially the best bakers of Serbia, have shown that, in addition to being the masters of their craft, they are also true humanitarians and they decided to use a little bit of their baking magic to delight the children from the „Centre for the Protection of Infants, Children and Youth“ in Zvecanska Street.

Traditionally, on the occasion of the World Bread Day, the company Lesaffre, with the support of the best bakers of Serbia, and the bakery As, delighted the children from the institutions that provide care for children without parental care throughout Serbia by giving them a heart-shaped bread and a donation in pastry.

In the Lesaffre Baking Centre, they also shared part of their knowledge and skills with the most loyal representatives of the online community „Mesimo zajedno“, with whom they then granted the donation and hanged out with the children.

Marketing Manager of the Lesaffra company Milena Obradovic has said that the company, once again, wanted to make a „real little holiday“ for the children without parental care across Serbia on the occasion of the World Bread Day.

„We are proud of our winners of the baking competition Pekarijada, who have thus shown that they are not only excellent craftsmen, but also great people who think about others. Pastry is the best when it is prepared from the heart, and this is why this year we have kept the symbolism of donating a heart-shaped bread to our friends from the institutions for children without parental care,“ she said.

As she pointed out, they are proud of the fact that this World Bread Day was marked by humanitarian character, and they know that their donation went to the best possible address.

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Foto: Promo

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