"Unfortunately, there is an outbreak, measures are being discussed"

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    “Unfortunately, there is an outbreak, measures are being discussed”

    Immunologist and member of the Crisis Staff, Srdja Jankovic, has stated that we are obviously facing a threat of an epidemic outbreak, adding that the introduction of measures is being considered, although the possibility of introducing curfew is excluded. “Unfortunately, there is an outbreak, at least in Belgrade, which still does not represent a threat that cannot be remedied, if we react quickly and adequately now,” Jankovic told N1 TV. Regarding the allegation that the N1 TV was contacted by the husband of a pregnant woman who was positive for coronavirus, who claimed that he, as a contact, was not tested, Jankovic responded that when the epidemic had been subsiding, the indications had been adjusted, i.e. they had changed with the epidemiological situation so there was the easing of measures, but he added that he expected that every contact, due to the new threat, would be tested. “We were near the end, on the downward trajectory of the epidemic curve, and we hoped for a period with zero cases and the end of the first wave, but this virus has been surprising us since the beginning of this pandemic, it has biologically inconvenient features, regardless of the fact that mortality per number of infections is not so high as with other viruses – the potential to infect a huge number of people exceeds other pandemics we have dealt with,” the immunologist pointed out.

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